ROCKtober Halloween Show!

We had a fully booked show for our October episode that included some amazing guests!  First we welcomed Brian Tell, a local singer/songwriter who’s new to the NYC scene and we met thru a craigslist ad-looking for musicians!  Second up we had storyteller Siobhan O’Loughlin, who found her way to Miz Stefani’s via our mutual friend & very talented storyteller, Slash Coleman.  Dame Darcy dropped in and read excerpts from her newly released book, “Handbook for Hot Witches,” then we wrapped up with the fierce hard-rockin Kenn Rowell, of the Baghdaddios) who I’ve known for years as a friend and co-worker thru EMI.  Not everyone was available to stick around for our photo, but you can see the fun we were having by looking at this:

Brian Tell, Siobhan O'Loughlin, Miz STefain, & Kenn Rowell

Brian Tell, Siobhan O’Loughlin, Miz Stefani, & Kenn Rowell

Here’s a clip from the show of Brian & Miz Stefani doin Brian’s original song, “Send me  A Letter.” Love the bluesy style he writes in!  Looking forward to singing with him in 2013!

I had only spoke with Siobhan briefly on the phone before she came by to perform.  She came a highly rated storyteller and once she told us her story, I knew we were definitely connected thru the heart of activism!  Take a peek at her OCCUPY  story.

We ended the show with Kenn & Miz Stefani doing a cover of the Police song, “Message In a Bottle.”