Swinging into September with a jazzy step!

Pam Fleming (friend & neighbor!) is a world-renowned trumpeter (Pam Fleming & Fearless Dreamer) she joined my long-time friend from my East Village days &  jazz-pianist Cynthia Hilts (Lyric Fury) to play one of Cynthia’s original pieces.

Pam & Cynthia

Here’s a clip from this episode of us (Miz Stefani, Pam & Cynthia) performing Cynthia’s original song, “Peace Now.”

Mahmouda Young (my amazing upstairs neighbor who I met 10 years ago in the stairwell) joined us this episode and read one of her fabulous essays.  We also had the very funny comedian Pete Keumpel.  I met Pete thru my good friend Sarah and this was the first time I saw him “do his thing.”

Mahmouda, Pam, Stefani, Pete, & Cynthia

Mahmouda Young, Pam Fleming, Miz Stefani, Pete Keumpel, Cynthia Hilts