Everybody wants a handsome man in their bed.

Fabio in Winter

Winter chill has definitely settled in for it’s season here in NYC, and this has us thinking of ways to warm up Miz Stefani’s House. Last show, we had actual fire eating, how can we up the ante? How about drinking a hot toddy with a Hottie McToddy!

We had so much fun with Travis Tench on the last show that we invited him to come back to Miz Stefani’s House but this time with his entire Handsome Man Band. Based in NYC, this country rock outfit is comprised of not one, not two, not three… but five (yes, you heard me right, FIVE!) handsome men: Johnny Awesome, Handstand Andy, Pushupz, Mr. Sunshine Party Time, and Bulletz.

They will be making a rukus live on stage and online on Saturday, Jan 26th. Meanwhile check out their music video, which involves shirtlessness and pole dancing in the woods among other things!

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