We are officially warmed up.

photo by Misc. D

photo by Misc. D

Last Saturday, we welcomed The Handsome Man Band (well, 3/5ths of them) into the bedroom to play two super hot sets of their original tunes. While we sipped hot toddys snacked on brownies and coconut bars they serenaded us with their sweet southern-gothic-y rock-ness. They remind me of some of my favorite bands like Calexico, House of Freaks, Sparklehorse but at the same time, totally their own thing.

Here are some clips of them performing on the show, first original song Saturdays Are Alright for Forgetting and another of them doing a special NYC themed cover with Miz Stefani!

Keep track of these men! Like them on Facebook to find out about their upcoming performances  https://www.facebook.com/HandstandAndyAndTheHandsomeManBand