February 10th Show Preview

It gives me great pleasure to announce the line up for our next show!


Musician Alex Nahas of Bright Brown will be in the house along with Jeff Simmermon a fantastic storyteller and founder of And I am Not Lying. This episode will also feature a special guest appearance by Ragidy the Magician.

Yes, a freaking magician! This is going to be an awesome show. Miz Stefani has promised to wear a red dress in preparation for Valentines day and I know she planning to bake something just as sweet and tempting. Misc. D is also cooking up something to make the bedroom studio extra festive.  You will not want to miss this show!

If you don’t believe me watch this video of Jeff Simmermon performing, right now:

As always, you can watch this show live for FREE on the internet. Just go to the Watch Live page on this site from 5-7pm EST on Sunday February 10th.

Or tune in on our Ustream channel where you can also chat with us live during the show!