Magic, Music, Chocolate and Love


L-R: Teresa Rosas, Jeff Simmermon, Miz Stefani, Jen Morse Durham, Alex Nahas, Ragidy Supreme Photo credit: Misc D

It was a very sweet group of people who shared their talents with us as we all feasted on handmade Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and toasted with a little sparkling wine.  Donna had the stage decked out with a new look that set the mood for the show, hearts and roses and a of course giant picture of Miz Stefani (designed by the very talented AV Phibes).

We had two sets of music from Bright Brown (minus their drummer – most bands scale back a bit when performing on our show due to the teeny-tiny-ness of our studio!).  Alex Nahas gave us the low down on the unusual instrument he plays, its called a Chapman Stick.

Jeff Simmermon of AndIamNotLying, told a charming love story about the bond between between siblings, and also gave an interesting and honest interview with Stefani afterwards. He said some great words of support for other full time creatives with full time J-O-Bs: “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and try to resent things constructively”.

Ragidy Supreme, one of NYC’s most in demand family entertainers, came by and put on a magic show for us. It was so much fun, he really turned us into a room of oohing-and ahhing little kids! The grins on the faces of Alex and Stefani in this photo say it all. He told Stefani about the inspiring story about how he took the leap into becoming a full time magician.

L-R: Ragidy Supreme, Miz Stefani, Alex Nahas photo by Misc D

L-R: Ragidy Supreme, Miz Stefani, Alex Nahas photo by Misc D

And finally a special treat, Miz Stefani’s bestie since high school, Jen Morse Durham, was visiting from Virginia and sang a duet with her. Aw! We were definitely feeling the love in Miz Stefani’s House this Sunday! We will be posting a video clips from the show later this week so check back!!