February 24th show preview

This Sunday February 24th 5-7pm, we will be broadcasting a terrific LIVE show from Miz Stefani’s House.

We’ve got two really unique performers who you won’t want to miss seeing…


Photo courtesy Ana Ramos

Leah King  is a multidisciplinary performance artist from Brooklyn and San Francisco currently based in Berlin where she is developing a new draglesque/electropop show. I’ve personally never seen her live but the breath of her work  is pretty stunning, from singing with bands of all sorts to burlesque dancing, solo shows and performance art and I cannot wait to see what she brings to our show!


Seth Lepore is a writer, humorist, musician and solo performer whose life is all about creativity. He is currently touring of one-man show trilogy about his experiences in the underbelly of the self-help movement. This sounds hilarious and dark, I have so many questions for him already!

As always, you can watch this show live for FREE on the internet. Just go to the WATCH LIVE PAGE on this site from 5-7pm EST on Sunday February 24th.

Or tune in on our Ustream channel where you can also chat with us live during the show!