It’s crazy to think that this little idea spawned a truly tremendous year of immense talent, great times, new friends, and of course…maybe a few pounds (we LOVE our treats!) đŸ˜‰

Our last show of the season did not disappoint!

Group shot

We welcomed back the multi-talent of Samsera who played us some of her new material and we are eagerly anticipating the release of her upcoming EP. Her writing is so personal and delves deep into a woman discovering herself, you can’t helped but be touched by it!

We also had a wonderful guest, Tom Rogers, in town from the UK! We first met when he backed me up at a gig in London, Dec 2011…and lo & behold, when he called to let us know he was in town, we were chuffed! Check out some of his solo stuff and take a gander at his new business venture;


Nedra and Carla came over and chatted with me about Off the G their new Webseries set in Bed-Stuy!

I also got to give a taste of some of the material I am going to be showing a lot of in the fall. We want to thank everyone who has come to our "secret" studio and tuned in to support us. I want to also give a HUGE thanks to Donna & Mica...without you ladies...MizStefani's House does not exist.

We have learned so much the last year and had so much fun! We look forward to our next stay tuned, have a safe & wonderful summer and we will see you in September!