Season Deux Opener! ROCtober

KatykidiWe are back and boy o boy, we couldn’t have had a more ferocious welcome than IRENE KETIKIDI & DANIEL CHAVIS (The Veldt, Apollo Heights, The Pre-Raphaelites)!!! Irene is based in London via Greece and one of the most sought after guitarists there.  She is in NYC as a member of the fierce all-female cast of Julius Caesar (currently getting rave reviews & playing at St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO-GO CHECK IT OUT!!!) When we first met, I felt a pang of nostalgia for my pink hair & after talking for a bit about her awesome electric guitar skillz, I knew we MUST have her on!   She played some selections off her solo album, that was released earlier this year (Martial Arts & Magic Tricks) and we were blown away!  I have not, in some time, seen a woman guitar player w her technicality & ability.  THIS is massive shredding rock at it’s finest….as you can clearly see!  Check her out, she is the real deal! We were also super excited to welcome back Daniel, to perform some songs off his upcoming solo EP, “A Special Place in Hell” (5BC)  This man has some serious chops and his new songs are crafted exquisitely around poignant tales.   We even got a little adventurous, as you can see in the clip below.  In November, Daniel will embark on a European tour that will have him preaching the gospel in the UK, France, & Belgium…so be sure to check him out!  In the meantime, take a peak at some of his new stuff!