Third season’s the charm!

Ya’ll we are so so SO stoked to be back for our highly anticipated 3rd season!  Lots of new & exciting things for MizStefani’s House!

It had to happen sometime, MizStefani moved!  We are now in a new secret location, but still within our beloved borough of Brooklyn-yo!  We also bid adieu to our amazing co-producer Donna who fell in love, moved to the west coast & is having a baby!  Much mazel to her!  We miss her & wish her all the best, but we know we will see her soon enough when MizStefani’s GUEST House hits the road!BigJess

So here we are MAY the 4th!  And we are not playing around as we welcome the immense talent of up & coming superstar, Jessica Carvo & Seon Gomez.  I first met Jessica when she was auditioning & later selected to be part of a group I helped put together for Blue Note Records.  Ironically, I knew Seon through one of our previous artists, Leah King, and by happenstance, I was performing at Sidewalk Cafe one evening when they were too, so we all knew each other and it was love love love!  We are psyched to have them open our 3rd season as they were supposed to perform in 2012 when Sandy hit!  Proof that good things come to those who wait, we are glad to have them here!

Be sure to tune in this SUN MAY 4th at 5pm EST!!!