A Dame & A Doll in Brooklyn

SUMMER 2014 007

On a cold & rainy evening, not  long ago, I took the 20 minute trek into the depths of Bushwick to the Brass Bottle.  As I sauntered into the joint, with steamed windows, I witnessed the brilliance Jason Trachtenberg and his big band, The Pendulum Swings.  I was blown away.  I also knew, immediately, that he MUST play MizStefani’s House and there was a strong chance we’d get along!  We do, famously, and here he is.  Jason is a true original artist in every sense of the word.  A talent who utilizes unique phrasing, quick wit and writes fun songs, all adding to his charm!

Check out his stupendous rendition of “Lady in Red!”

SUMMER 2014 074

Jason was so much fun to host and he made me stretch my culinary muscle with a challenge of making something yummy without sugar!  We hope to have him on again real soon!  You can enjoy the whole episode below!