Simply Stupendous Summer Sunday

Sunday’s Summa-Summa-Summa-Spectacular was a Super grrl episode with Shirley Gnome, Siobhan O’Loughlin, and Miz Stefani!  Lotta ‘S’ power goin on!


It was an incredible Show and we are So happy Shirley Gnome was able to come play for us, all the way from Vancouver, BC! Her incredibly insightful, honest, & hilarious songs  had us rolling.  She definitely lives up to her chanteuse provacatrix title!  Her songs are brilliantly crafted and her delivery is flawless!


We also had the great honor of welcoming back the fabulous Siobhan O’Loughlin!

Natural Novice

This powerhouse has been on tour with her 2nd solo show, “Natural Novice” collecting rave reviews across the country!  In fact, if you live in Minneapolis, Chicago, or Seattle, you’re in luck because she is headed your way!  Check her out!

Enjoy the full episode here.