BOOM! 2015!

And just like that it’s 2015!!!  We are back for another GO and it feels like we never left.  It was an honor to open the new year w none other than the wickedly talented, JESSICA DELFINO!mshljan2015

Not only is she a very good friend, but she is one of  THE hardest working performers around today!  From her raucuous melodies of songs about her bicycle, to her tales of what life is really like here in NYC.

We also got a chance to catch up with Jessica to hear, first hand, what it was like flying to LA in a Hazmat suit, how hard it is to get local men to take a “dick pic” in a private booth constructed just for that, as well as picked up insightful tips on how to flush out a UTI wo medication & maybe our city could use some pantie vending machines!  It’s all here, plus much much more!  Check out the whole episode–>

You can check her website for local performances or if you are in LA, you can catch her LIVE, now!