RED HOT February!

SONY DSCThe snow may be falling along w the thermometer but we turned it up this month with super RED HOT performances at our new venue with two incredible performers.

We welcomed the lovely, extremely funny, comedic singer, songwriter, guitarist, author and professional smart aleck, Miz CARLA ULBRICH to our stage.


Her deeply insightful performance asks the important questions we all wonder about…and weaves them into brilliant songs that explore themes like,  “What if your girlfriend was gone?” which segued perfectly into “What if your butt was gone?” along with wondering how rich she would be if she had a copyright on the word “F*&#.”  Her candor & humor are touching and I even got to join her for a duet inspired by Star Trek. Bet you didn’t know I spoke Klingon?

We also got a chance to welcome back to the stage our good friend & the extremely talented “sweetheart of the sideshow”  The LADY AYE.


She wows audiences world wide and we got special performances of her human blockhead (which bc her nose is perfectly symmetrical she can do the double barreled human blockhead) & her sword swallowing expertise!  Not one but TWO DIFFERENT swords!  One 15″ and one 19″ of solid steel!  Impressive to say the least.

Be sure to visit both these fabulous ladies’ websites for their next performances in your town.

…and as always, you can WATCH THE ENTIRE EPISODE, RIGHT HERE! Until, next month…