Spring Fling!

These sisters are some serious rockstars!  What an incredibly entertaining & educational show we had!


I’ve long wanted Killy Mockstar Dwyer to take our stage & here she finally was!  This ball of energy delivers unique, sarcastic, performances and does an incredible job of weaving smart, witty, & catchy songs together, coupled w her impressive technical ability whilst looping her vocals, her guitar, keyboard, & much more.  She even performed one of my personal favs, (as anyone who knows me knows I’m anal…abt oral…hygiene!) about the importance of flossing (check out “Floss Boss” – the official hardcore rap song about flossing!)


We were also stoked to welcome celebrity Chef Emily Peterson to the stage!  As a baker, I could talk (kitchen)/shop w her all day!  But we narrowed it down to some insightful answers to viewers questions & picked up some good tips & techniques for hard boiled egg making. We also got to peep a pickled pig snout (not kosher!) as this culinary master shared tales of scrapple from back in the day.  If you ever have any questions for Chef Emily you can call her on her weekly radio show, “Sharp & Hot”  on Heritage Radio Network!


We had a fun Q&A w our guests about asking for help & avoiding distraction (FACEBOOK!) and even got to discuss the benefits of black vs. white pepper, hey, we had a chef! #whitepeppermatters  A lot of fun was had by all and we hope you will enjoy the full episode below.  Until next time…..