Save the date, date, date and date

We’ve done it! We got our gosh dern bums in gear and booked and entire season of MIZ STEFANI’S HOUSE LIVE for spring!

Wait ’till you get a load of the cast of characters we’re bringing together over the next few months. It’s so spectacularly awesome that we wanted you to be able to mark your calendars now, so you can be sure to tune in live online and maybe even plan to join us in person at our kickass new home Sisters.


As always, each show his hosted by Miz Stefani, herself, and features a musical act and a non-musician performer. This season we’re adding a new segment because we know so many non-performers whose work we love and we want to share, that we are adding a Person of Interest to each episode. So you can look forward to more guests to be added in the coming weeks! Stay tuned. Meanwhile here are the upcoming shows…


Jeff Pearring Sound and Margarita Korol.


Killy Dwyer & Chef Emily (Sharp & Hot )


Quincy Ledbetter & Nat Towsen


Steve Mayone & Phoebe Robinson

Hope you can make it to some of these killer shows. In the meantime, you can always watch highlights and entire episodes on the MIZ STEFANIS HOUSE YouTube channel.