May Day May Day Awesome Show Alert

It’s finally Spring and Miz Stefani’s House will be in full bloom this Sunday at Sisters in Brooklyn.

We are excited to welcome comedian/writer, Nat Towsen!

Towsen is a writer for many fine humor publications like VICE and College Humor and he hosts DowntownVariety at the UCBTheatreEast in NYC. You can find him tweeting the funny at @nattowsen.

Here is a picture of this troublemaker.


He can also croon with the best of em…

We’ve got music from the incredible hip-hop/rock awesomeness that is SoHo Kings. I wish I knew about them before I started watching Empire because then I could have turned off the sound every time Hakeem & Jamal perform and listened to SK instead! We’ll there’s always next season.

Seriously, get ready to meet your new favorite band…


Join us for FREE in person at Sisters in Brooklyn or watch the livestream online via this link:

As always can attend this show in the FLESH 

Miz Stefani’s House Live at Sisters in Brooklyn

Sunday May 3rd 5:00pm-7:00pm

900 Fulton Street Brooklyn New York

or you can Watch LIVE on the INTERNET HERE!