Summer is sooooo close y’all!  Altho, we’ve already got the heat.

We were v excited to welcome back our friend & guitar/singer/songwriter/producer STEVE MAYONE.

He’s been nabbed “a master songsmith” and he proves it as you hear him effortlessly weave together

Americana, folk, classic and roots/rock for perfectly crafted songs.


 We also had the pleasure of welcoming comedian, PHOEBE ROBINSON.  This funny lady is everywhere!

As a regular contributor for HuffPo w her comic ‘Blaria” and;, The New York Times, bitch magazine,

xoJane,, and TheDailyBeast as well as TV appearances on Last Comic Standing, the TODAY show,

Comedy Central’s Broad City and a staff writer for MTV’s Girl Code. She has co-hosted an episode of the series Raising McCain, as well as starred in the MTV pilot Chicks Out of Water.  She told ya….she’s everywhere!


 Not a bad way to end the spring eh?!  Along w a debut w one of my new songs & stories abt frisky cab

drivers in the city…you never know what will happen at MizStefani’s House!  Catch the whole episode here!